Brian Seech

The world of cryptids is certainly one that draws a lot of attention; both good and bad. With such a diverse group of “creatures” and schools of thought for each and everyone, it is hard for certain elements to not become polarized. While unfortunately, this (as is the same case for many of the other fields within the paranormal community) trend continues to grow, there are some that hold steadfast to the idea of researching for the sake of researching and finding the actual truth. This week’s guest on The Malliard Report is a longtime friend of Jim, Brian Seech. Brian has a passion for researching cryptids and various other unknowns, is the Research Coordinator for the Center for Unexplained Events, and facilitator for one of the largest and longest running paranormal conventions in the Pennsylvania area. While gnomes, werewolves, dog boys, gargoyles, and so many more are definitely topics of interest for Brian, his primary focus is the one and only giant hairy beast himself, Bigfoot.

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, Boogers, and many other names; no matter what you call it, it conjures up images of a giant monkey/human type creature skulking through the woods on grainy, low-quality footage. Generations of civilizations have all reported sightings and interactions with the possible missing link, however, one has yet to turn up in one form or fashion. If these things really do exist, then why do we not have more evidence that low-quality video? Where are the bones, fur, bodies of these creatures? Are they really just bears that are mistaken in a hastily identified manner? Are they inter-dimensional like some people have possibly speculated? Some have even said that aliens, sasquatches, demons, etc. are all just personal interpretations of how some higher-level consciousness presents itself to us. Who knows which is right?

Brian has a fantastic way of keeping a unique topic (and sometimes overdone depending on the case) entertaining, humorous, and engaging. Make sure to check out his Facebook profile for the latest updates in his research and to follow up with information about the conference. Remember to head over to our fantastic sponsor’s page to pick yourself up a shirt and of course for all things Malliard visit or connect through Twitter @Malliard.

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